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Transportation and Weather Policy

Pick- and Drop Off

Pull as far forward in the drop off lane as possible, fill in the gaps between vehicles.

Let students out on the passenger side of the car.

Park in the parking lot if you need to leave your vehicle.

Escort students through the parking lot

Stay off cell phones.

Be kind to other adults.

Allow northbound traffic to enter the pull-through lanes, every other vehicle.

Drop students off AFTER the first crosswalk.

Have students ready to exit the car quickly and safely.

If you are a large carpool, consider parking in the parking lot.

Picture shows the pick up and drop off zone lines.


Bus Information

Safety Loading and Unloading

Safe Walking Routes


Herriman Elementary Inside Day Procedures:

When the weather is 23 degrees or greater it will be an outside day (unless there is inclement weather).  When the weather is less than 23 degrees it will be an inside day and students are brought in early at 8:45 a.m.

We use: wunderground.comOpens in a new windowOpens in a new window/Herriman for weather updates.
Red flags will be displayed to inform students and parents when it is an inside day.  Flags will be placed at the Main Entrance, the North Entrance (bus area) and the Northwest Entrance (2nd grade doors).  After placement of the flags, students are encouraged to enter the building through the Main Front Doors of the school.  If the flags remain up during the day, all recesses will be
held inside the building.