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Herriman Elementary Start Up Plan

Herriman Elementary wants to welcome our wonderful students back this 2020-2021 school year. We are beyond excited to educate, inspire, and love your child. We believe all students can learn at high levels!

We are looking forward to a tremendous year of growth and goodness. We want to share our gratitude for your support and patience during these changing times. We have worked diligently to consider the needs of all students, teachers, and parents as we implement our reopening plan.

General Information:

Monday-Thursday 8:57-3:35 and Fridays learning will be a hybrid of online-learning and students coming to the school from 11:00-1:55 for enrichment, response to intervention (R.T.I.), and other engaged learning activities. Lunch will be served on Fridays at 1:25.

Students who choose to learn online will use Canvas. Jordan District has prepared curriculum based instruction for those students who will be learning at home. Video conferencing and regular feedback are essential to the District’s plan. Students can check out a Chromebook from Herriman Elementary. Parents can reassess the online learning option after each term. Students will remain part of Herriman Elementary, however they are not guaranteed any particular teacher or time slot for Kindergarten. Lunchroom meals are still available to online students and on Fridays.

Board Approved Plan: District Plan

Herriman's Plan:

Below, are hyperlinks to each place in the building for quicker access: