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Hawk Spirit Goals

1st Grade Hawk Spirit Stick Goals 2016-2017

  1. Successfully tie shoes. (Certificate & prize)
  2. Earn the Principal’s Citizenship Honor Roll (Certificate at Conferences)
  3. Complete Home Reading Goal of 700 minutes each term (Certificate/Coupon each term, Spirit Stick at the end, if all terms are accomplished)
  4. Master Basic Addition Facts to 10. Complete 15 problems in 1 minute with a score of 93% or better. (Certificate)
  5. Master Basic Subtraction Facts to 10. Complete 15 problems in 1 minute with a score of 93% or better. (Certificate- When #4 and #5 are accomplished, they will get a Math Spirit Stick)
  6. Identify, Write, and Count Numbers 0-120. (Certificate)
  7. Complete a Science Project (*Science packet is sent home in the winter/spring with instructions.) (Spirit Stick)
  8. Complete a two-hour service project in the community and a poster explaining the service project. (*Project needs to be preapproved by the teacher and done in the FALL.) (Spirit Stick)
  9. Complete 3 Book Reports that will be assigned throughout the school year. (Spirit Stick- if all 3 are accomplished)
  10. Progressing 3 Guided Reading Levels will earn “Super Reader” spirit stick. Progressing 6 Levels will earn “Pirate Reader” spirit stick.

2nd Grade Hawk Goals

Fourth Grade Hawk Spirit Sticks

“Rock Star”:  

  •    Play three songs on the recorder accurately and well.

______, ______, ______

Books on a shelf (image only):

  • Go up three levels in Guided Reading or one hundred points on the SRI.

        GR start:       ______, ______, ______                     SRI start:         ______,  

“May the Facts Be with You”:

  •    Pass off multiplication facts 2-12.
  •    Pass off division facts 2-12
  •    Receive a score of 80% or higher on 4 math tests.

“Write and Write S’more”:

  •    Write a 1-3 paragraph informational piece that receives a 3 or better. _____
  •    Write a 1-3 paragraph opinion piece that receives a 3 or better. _____

“Think like a Scientist”:

  • Create a technology project demonstrating your understanding of one of the following:

(Time will be provided at school.)  Must receive a 3 or higher.  _____  

  1.  Rock cycle
  2.  Water cycle
  3.  Fossilization
  4.  Interactions of plants and animals within one Utah environment
  5.  Being a meteorologist (weather tools, predicting weather, etc.)

“Fourth Grade”:

  • Accurately locate and label the twenty-nine counties of Utah. _____
  • Do a county project as assigned by your teacher.  Must receive a 3 or better. _____

“Great Habits make Great Leaders”:

A service project(s) that totals four hours of actual service.  Create a way (poster, paragraph, collage) to show what you did during your service hours. _____